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Dream League Soccer 2016

Dream League Soccer 2016 is a remarkable football games on Android. This is a football simulator on which play beautiful games in addition to the manager of features it has that achieve new players, improve the stadium or direct drive.

To start this new week of iPhone tests, we chose Dream League Soccer 2016, a football game developed by the studio First Touch Games . After choosing your captain, you must embark on a career and win games.
During your wins, you earn tokens, which then allows you to buy new players. You can also sell your players and choose your tactics before a match. Then it’s up to you and score more goals than the opponent!

Graphics: Dream League Soccer 2016 has rather rough graphics. Indeed, the animations are not always well made and management of races players is not really at.

Dream League Soccer 2016

Gameplay: Use the virtual joystick on the left of the screen to move your play and 3 buttons to the right to make a pass, then a center or a shot. The game is rather simple to handle: after a half, we realized the trick.

Lifetime: At the time of life, you have plenty to do. Indeed, several seasons available to you, each with objectives to complete, such as a minimum finish in 8th place in the championship.

Soundtrack: The soundtrack is fairly complete, with music that punctuate the menu. During the game, you can hear the fan noise and the comments of journalists in English.

Price: Although the game is free and ad-free, one soon realizes he’ll have a good time to build a team worthy of the name. Unless you decide to pay for chips.

Dream League Soccer 2016 1

Review: We have to say we were a little disappointed with Dream League Soccer 2016. The  Dream League Soccer 2016 Hack is not nearly as addictive than Score Hero by the same developers. In addition, the AI is really rough and movements irritate defenders very quickly!

Dream League Soccer 2016 Features:

  • Engage players and form a team of up to 32 players .
  • AIl system that makes the game to be unpredictable.
  • Four different championships.
  • Train the players .
  • Achieve the objectives set by the management.
  • Unlock achievements to earn coins and buy the best players.